About Us

Lamplight Home Inspection was created with one goal in mind: to provide secure, dependable and reliable home inspection services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We're licensed by the State of Texas and the Texas Real Estate Commission, and we believe deeply in helping our customers make smart, savvy and well-informed decisions when it comes to their home purchases. In order to achieve that, we aim to provide not only thorough, detailed inspection services, but also great communication for our clients. We won’t just inspect your home and give you a report full of jargon only a carpenter would understand; we’ll work to communicate our findings in a concise, helpful and easy-to-understand manner. In the end, we want our customers to feel confident, assured and well-informed when they use our services.

Here at Lamplight, we’re not your average home inspection company. We truly understand our customer’s needs. Our owner, Jim Kesler, has been a local homeowner for more than 35 years. We take great pride in our community, and we’re uniquely aware of the issues DFW homeowners face.

Are you in the midst of purchasing a home in DFW? Call Lamplight today for inspection services you can count on.